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1982 – Present


Freelance Set Painter / scenic artist is the primary position Patrick started in the entertainment industry. He has worked on various major motion pictures, television commercials, movie of the week (MOW), series, specials, industrial and home videos, theme parks, theatrical productions, and exhibitions. He is experienced in my craft, benefiting your company with knowledge, experience and skill in the trade. Patrick has worked well in a creative environment and he is able to lead as well as follow. He has been given many opportunities in the entertainment industry and has also made a few of his own. Among many of his talents Patrick Consultes, Production Designs, Art Directs, Writes, Produces, Directes, and has Hosted. With this he has learned many aspects of the entertainment industry from many people along the way, good and bad, always looking to avoid mistakes whenever possible when it is his position to do so on a project, that doesn’t mean they don’t happen, we are only human. The following is a list of education, experience, and credits. Patrick is sure this will give you a good Idea of his work history, experience, and knowledge. On this website, you will find some photos of his work and references.




  • Work Experience

  • GED

  • Simi Valley Career Education Center, Simi Valley, California. Completed AutoCADD course in Architectural, mechanical, two and three dimensional design.

  • One year Micro Computer Specialist course included; word perfect, lotus, dBase, desktop publishing, office automation, telecommunications, business communications, windows, and basic accounting.


Set Painting and Scenic Art


Duties Include;

  • Coordinating fabrication with art director and construction coordinator, crew assembly and supervision.

  • Material list, ordering, purchase, and inventory.

  • Equipment purchase and/ or rental, and maintenance.

  • Crew instruction in technique as needed, and safety.

  • Operation of conventional spray equipment, personnel lifts and forklifts.

  • Samples, Painting and Texture.

  • Color mixing and Matching.


Painting Techniques;

  • Sponging, ragging, spatter, rag rolling, dry brush, blending.

  • Marble, flagstone, castle rock, cement, cinder block, brick, jade, metal, stain glass, crackle paint.

  • Gold leaf and bronzing powders.

  • Lettering and stencils.

These are just to name a few painting techniques. With proper examples of what is being required to paint colors, textures and final finishes can be appropriately planed to give desired effect.



Back drops and murals;

  • Scale, layout. Color mixing and matching, airbrush and artistic hand brush, material stretching and priming.


Glass Matte, old style;

  • Coordinate with Director, Director of photography, production Designer and Art Director, to line up shot coordinate desired look, lighting, and action.

  • Determine if additional set pieces and equipment are needed.



  • Joint compound (knock down, swirl, and stucco), popcorn, sand, walnut shells, vermiculite, salt relief (for volcanic and coral textures).



  • Pharos sulfate, ammonium nitrate, lacquer paints, polyurethane paints, oil base paints, water borne paints, gel coats, concrete sealers, flame retardants, automotive coatings, marine coatings, and foams.


Molds and Figures;

  • Fiberglass mate, polystyrene resin -fire retardant and flexible, water borne environment resin, epoxy tin silicone, plaster alginate and hemp molds.



  • Forklift (Lull, gas, electric, and propane), Bobcat, High reach (gas, electric, and propane), Scissor lift.




Motion Pictures                                                                  T.V. Commercials


NightFlyers (on screen credit) (Asst. Lead Scenic Artist)


Masters of the Universe (Asst. Lead Scenic Artist)


Robo Cop

Buffalo Sabres (Lead Scenic Artist)

Waxwork (on screen credit) (Asst. Lead Scenic Artist)

Godfather’s Pizza

Waxwork 2 (Lead Scenic Artist)

Beefeater’s Association

Freeway (Lead Scenic Artist, roads)

Tropicana Fruit Juice

Critters 2 (on screen credit) (Lead Scenic Artist)

Michael Jackson Pepsi 2

The Blob (1988)

Budweiser (Spanish Star Search)

Men at Work (Lead Scenic Artist, trucks)



Br’er Rabbit (Disney World)

Dead manWalking

Tower of Terror

Rock of Ages (movie)


T.V. Movies (MOW’S)                                                      T.V. Specials


Curiosity Kills


Bugs Bunny 50th Birthday

Conspiracy Trial of the Chicago 7

Easter Seals Telethon

Elvis & Me

Lou Rawls Telethon


Motown Christmas Special


Soul Train Music Awards


Disney World 4th of July (’92)





Set Painting and Scenic Art

Credits continued


T.V. Series                                                                            Theme Parks


American Gladiators

Ghostbusters (Universal Tours, Fl)


Voyage to 1939 (Queen Mary, Long Beach Ca.)


Splash Mountain (Disneyland)

This Evening

35 Years of Magic (Disneyland)

Sales Television Network (’86, ’89)

Shamu and Baby (Sea World, Fl)

The West

Batman Stunt Show (Six Flags, NJ)

The Apartment

Fieval’s Playland (Universal Tours, Fl) (Lead Scenic Artist buffalo bones and cowboy hat)

Financial News Network (FNN)

Barney Live (Universal Tours, Fl)

Brother and Me (Nickelodeon)

Port of Entry (Island of Adventure, Fl) (Lead Scenic Artist)

Allegro’s Windows (Nickelodeon)

Lost Continent (Island of Adventure, Fl) (Lead Scenic Artist)

The Newz

Harry Potter and the wizarding world (Lead Scenic Artist, valley crest, second round)


Dinner Theater


Pirate’s Voyage (Myrtle Beach, SC)



Theater                                                                                 Resorts

Member of the Wedding (GEVA)

Fort Wilderness Lodge (WDW)

Molly and Maze (Gaslamp Theater)

Boardwalk (WDW)

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Orlando civic)

Typhoon Lagoon (WDW)




Sony (Cypress Gardens)    

Miles Pharmaceutical (Florida)

Sony (1995)

AT&T (1995)


Products                                                                               Zoo


Toy Boxes (Nickelodeon)

Animal Kingdom (Disney World) (Lead Scenic Artist, consultant for Larson co.)


Museum                                                                                Restoration


Mashantucket Pequot Indian Res. (Lead Scenic Artist)

Elephant Fountain (New Orleans zoo) (Lead Scenic Artist and asst. to Patrick Tantalo lead sculptor)


Music Video

Underoath “in division” (Lead Scenic Artist)

Jr. Dr.

 Warrent "Cheery Pie"

Dan and Shy "19 + You +Me"



Production Design and Art Direction


  • Negotiate terms and conditions of contracts.

  • Responsible for research and design of sets, locations, wardrobe, props, special effects, make up effects, and lighting. As directed by the script and vision of the creative control.

  • Hire and coordinate art department staff.

  • Approve purchases for the art department.

  • Supervise Fabrication.




Home video                                                                         Industrial



Kodak Color System


Juice Appeal

Swayze Dancing







Babylon’s Children

West Side Story




Conventions                                                                         Medical Conference


Electro GIG

Lifetime Network



Album Covers                                                                     Recital


Dream Machine (Belfast)

Over the Rainbow


Amibitious Foolz "It's What is"




Wrote, Produced, Directed, Production Designed, and Art Directed, Set painting, and hosted.


“Faux for Your Haunt” in association with Haunted Attraction Magazine.

“TransFlorida Corp. General Contractor“, Television Commercial.


How- To  Articles


Haunted Attraction Magazine

The Painter's Journal






Freelance, during this time period I was able to accumulate time in an entry level design drafting, engineering and project super intendant.  Main duties focused on Screen room enclosures (aluminum extrusion structures), pool enclosures, sunrooms, carports.  Additional drafting and engineering focused on general architectural, single and multiple story structures.




  • Work Experience

  • GED

  • Simi Valley Career Education Center, Simi Valley, California. Completed AutoCAD course in Architectural, mechanical, two and three dimensional design.

  • One year Micro Computer Specialist course included; word perfect, lotus, dBase, desktop publishing, office automation, telecommunications, business communications, windows, and basic accounting.




  • Site measurements, including elevation (with the use of a transom).

  • Rough drawing.

  • Final drawing.

  • Engineering (pre-stamped or prepared for engineer stamp).

  • Engineering research, and coordinating with other engineering disciplines.

  • Site visits.

  • Coordinate with Contractors and sub-contractors.

  • Pre-pare, submit and post permits


  • Companies


     Elite 2000, Kissimmee Florida

    TransFlorida Corp. General Contractors, Rockledge Florida

    Historical Saint Cloud Hotel, Saint Cloud Florida

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